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Grant Proposal Guidelines

Proposals to the Foundation should set forth the material terms of the grant.  A prospective grantee should be prepared to work closely with program staff in revising and refining the proposal, often through multiple drafts, before it is finalized.  When preparing an invited proposal, please note that the Foundation values concision and few, if any, superlatives in proposal narratives.

Invited proposals should follow the requirements set forth in the Foundation’s “Grant Proposal Guidelines.”  Guidelines are available by program area:

Forms to be Submitted with Proposal

As described in the “Grant Proposal Guidelines,” invited proposals to the Foundation should include:

      (Please note, we recommend first saving these templates to your desktop as “Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook” files, rather than opening them directly in the browser.) 

In most cases, a prospective foreign grantee will also be required to complete a “Foreign Organization Questionnaire,” providing information for the determination that it is the equivalent of a United States public charity.   

Policies Governing Submission of Proposal

Prospective grantees should consult the following policies before submission of an invited proposal:

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