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Research Universities and Scholarship in the Humanities

Program Staff

Philip E. Lewis, Vice President
Mariƫt Westermann, Vice President
Martha Sullivan, Program Associate
Christina Quintana, Program Assistant
Jessica Sederquist, Executive Assistant



The Foundation supports a wide range of initiatives to strengthen the institutions that sustain scholarship in the humanities and "humanistic" social sciences, primarily research universities but also a small number of centers for advanced study and independent research libraries.  Particular emphases in this area include (but are not limited to) doctoral education, postdoctoral fellowships, faculty research, and discipline-related projects.  On occasion the Foundation has underwritten research on higher education. 


Current Programs

In addition to funding postdoctoral fellowships and doctoral training at selected universities (by invitation), the Foundation has initiated a number of programs overseen by institutions that receive individual applications. These programs, and links to their Web sites, are listed below:

Programs Supporting Graduate Students

Programs Supporting Scholars

Foundation-Administered Fellowships and Awards

Please note: only institutions and individuals that are invited to submit nominations for these programs may do so.

  • New Directions Fellowships

John E. Sawyer Seminars on the Comparative Study of Cultures

The Sawyer Seminars support comparative research on the historical and cultural sources of contemporary developments. Please note: only institutions that are invited may submit proposals to the program.


Program Contact Information

Please direct initial inquiries by email to:

Martha Sullivan

Before writing, please review the Foundation's general requirements for grant proposals in the Grant Inquiries section of this Web site.



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