Third-Party Reports of Misconduct or Misuse of Foundation Funds

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (the "Foundation") is committed to lawful and ethical behavior in all of its activities and in the use of its funds.  The Foundation requires that its Trustees, officers, employees, and consultants (collectively, "Foundation Persons") conduct themselves in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and Foundation policies.  In addition, as a charitable organization, the Foundation seeks to ensure that its funds are used for the purposes for which they were intended.  Grantees, contractors, vendors and other third parties who do business with the Foundation should report any concerns about the legality or propriety of the actions of Foundation Persons or of the use of Foundation funds by reporting through appropriate channels, including as prescribed by their organizations' whistleblower policies and protections.

A person may report to the Foundation a good faith concern regarding the legality or propriety of the actions of Foundation Persons or of the use of Foundation funds by contacting the Foundation's Acting General Counsel and Secretary (Patricia J. Diaz).  Communications to Patricia J. Diaz should be directed to: tel: (212) 838-8400; email:; or mail: 140 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065 attn: Patricia J. Diaz.  Reports also may be made to EthicsPoint, a third-party reporting service authorized by the Foundation to receive such reports.  Reports may be submitted to EthicsPoint via a telephone hotline: 1-844-446-5361 or website:  Reports to the Foundation can be made verbally or in writing, in person or anonymously.  The Foundation encourages as much detail as possible in the report and the submission of documentation supporting the concern in order to facilitate investigation.

The Foundation will investigate these reports with care and take corrective action as it deems necessary.  If confidentiality is requested, the Foundation will protect the identity of the person reporting a concern to the greatest extent practicable given the needs to conduct a fair and thorough investigation and to take any necessary corrective action.  Accordingly, the Foundation cannot promise complete confidentiality.

As of July 1, 2022