Grantmaking Policies and Guidelines

Inquiries and Application Process

Prospective grantees should review program area guidelines before inquiring about grant support. Inquiries concerning a proposed grant should be made through the Mellon's grantee portal, Fluxx ( If our staff find that the proposed grant fits within the Foundation's grantmaking priorities, staff will invite a grant proposal through the portal. Once invited, grantees should be prepared to work closely with program staff in refining the proposal, often through multiple drafts. Based on the final proposal, program staff will determine whether to bring a grant recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Mellon also invites and considers a limited number of grants in the amount of $150,000 or less for approval by the Foundation's Officers ("Officer's Grants"). Prospective grantees invited to apply for an Officer's Grant should consult with program staff about the appropriate length, content, and timing of Officer's Grant applications and approvals.

Preparing an Invited Grant Proposal

The Foundation's Grant Proposal Guidelines provide detailed instructions on how to prepare and submit an invited proposal. The proposal should present information in a clear and concise way that enables the Foundation to assess the scope and significance of the proposed grant.

Grantmaking Policies

The terms of a grant proposal, management of a grant, and requests for modifications of grant terms are governed by the Foundation's Grantmaking Policies. These policies set forth, among other matters:

  • Grantees' fiduciary, reporting, and record-keeping responsibilities
  • Application and reporting guidelines for non-US organizations
  • Requirements concerning the creation and distribution of intellectual property, and the securing of rights and permissions associated with software and digital products
  • Requirements relating to endowment grants
  • Procedures associated with matching terms and payments
  • Guidelines for requesting grant modifications

Grantee Portal Terms of Use

The Foundation provides grantee and prospective grantee organizations with access to its grantee portal, Fluxx ( as a way to streamline and enhance the processes for proposing and administering grants.  Use of the grantee portal is subject to the Foundation’s Grantee Portal Terms of Use.  Grantee and prospective grantee organizations are responsible for ensuring that their institutional representatives (“users”) follow these Terms of Use, including designating the principal investigator and other users who may have access to a proposal and any confidential information contained therein, ensuring that users do not share accounts, and maintaining the security and confidentiality of accounts, and are responsible for any violations of these terms. 

Prospective and current grantees should not hesitate to contact Foundation program staff or the Office of the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Secretary with any questions regarding the information on these pages.  For grantee portal technical support, please contact or call (212) 500-2484 during business hours (9:00am to 5:30pm EST).