Grant Modifications and Matching Payments

Mellon recognizes that project circumstances may change over the life of a grant, suggesting a need to modify a grant timeframe or other terms. When this occurs, a grantee is required to notify the Foundation and seek advance written approval to modify the grant terms.

Types of Grant Modifications

Requests for grant modifications considered by the Foundation include:

  1. extension of the grant period to permit additional time to complete supported activities;
  2. extension of the matching period to permit additional time to satisfy a matching condition;
  3. reallocation of funds from one budget category to another;
  4. rollover of funds from an older Foundation grant into a newer grant awarded for the same purpose; and
  5. transfer of grant funds from the original grantee to another organization. 

Please note: Mellon's staff do not regularly consider requests to alter the basic purpose of a grant or that seek to modify endowment grants or matching conditions. Grantees should consult with program staff about any such requests, as they may require Board review and approval.

Steps for Requesting Modifications

A grantee that seeks to modify a grant should first send a brief email to program staff summarizing the proposed modification. Program staff will review the initial request to determine whether to invite a formal modification request through the grantee portal for further consideration and action. 

If a formal modification request is invited, key grant contacts will receive an email notification asking them to log in to the grantee portal to submit information about the request. Grantees will be directed to submit the information through the Modification form in the grantee portal.  Grantees will be prompted to provide a detailed description of the proposed modification, setting forth the reasons that funds cannot be spent as originally proposed and the planned activities for the remainder of the grant. Depending on the nature of the proposed modification, grantees may be asked to rebudget future reporting periods. 

For grant transfer requests, grantees will also need to upload (1) a letter from the transferring organization requesting and/or agreeing to the transfer, and (2) a letter from the receiving organization agreeing to accept the transfer and abide by the grant terms. 

Further instruction for completing modification requests are available in the grantee portal.

The grantee will receive an email notification indicating whether or not the requested modification has been approved.

Notice of Significant Organizational/Project Changes

Grantees are expected to inform the Foundation promptly of any significant changes in project staffing, organizational leadership, scheduling, or budgeting, when such changes occur during the grant period. 

Reservation of Rights

The Foundation reserves the right to suspend the use of grant funds if organizational or grant changes are considered material to the success of the grant. 

Matching Funds Payment Request

For grants with a matching component (see Matching Grants), the Foundation's award letter sets forth the terms for payments, including the matching ratio, the timeframe for raising matching funds, and the payment installment amounts.  The Foundation will issue payments upon receipt of satisfactory evidence that a match, or portion of a match as specified in the award letter, has been made.

Request for Matching Payments

To request a release or payment of matching funds, a grantee should submit the Foundation's Matching Funds Request report which can be found in the Reports section of the grantee portal and upload the documentation required to evidence receipt of the matching contributions.

Only newly received gifts of cash or securities—in hand, valued at the time of transfer, and designated for the Foundation-supported project—can qualify as matching contributions.  Pledges do not qualify.

To evidence contributions of $5,000 or more, the Foundation requires:

  • Copies of all canceled checks, bank statements showing wire transfers or receipt of credit card payments, and brokerage statements or signed documentation verifying the transfer of securities and their market value.
  • Clear evidence that a donor's intent is to meet the Foundation's match, either by the donor’s indication on the check, a letter from the donor to the grantee demonstrating such intent or, in the case of an unrestricted donation, a designation from the grantee's governing board or a senior official that the donation has been appropriately restricted to meet the Foundation’s matching requirements.

To evidence contributions of less than $5,000, the Foundation requires:

  • A list of all donations, including the name of the donor, and the date, amount, and form of the donation (e.g., check, wire transfer, credit card, security, etc.), with a signed statement from a senior authorized official restricting all such donations to the Foundation match.  Where amounts are less than $5,000, the Foundation does not also require canceled checks, evidence of wire or credit card payment, or separate documentation verifying security transfers.