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127  Grants awarded for  $49,822,500
GranteeProjectDateAmountLocation Program
Brooklyn Botanic Garden CorporationDisaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$300,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesOther
New York Botanical GardenDisaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$650,000Bronx, NY, United StatesOther
Queens Botanical Garden Society, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$150,000Flushing, NY, United StatesOther
Wave Hill, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$200,000Riverdale, NY, United StatesOther
Staten Island Children’s MuseumDisaster Recovery Relief Fund01/25/02$225,000Staten Island, NY, United StatesOther
Staten Island Historical Society, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund01/25/02$150,000Staten Island , NY, United StatesOther
College Community Services, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund03/29/02$25,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesOther
Lehman College Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund03/29/02$50,000Bronx, NY, United StatesOther
Staten Island Zoological Society, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$25,000Staten Island, NY, United StatesOther
Greenbelt Conservancy, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund05/17/02$60,000Staten Island, NY, United StatesOther
Bronx Museum of the ArtsDisaster Recovery Relief Fund01/25/02$275,000Bronx, NY, United StatesOther
Brooklyn Children’s Museum Corp.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund01/25/02$225,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesOther
The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and SciencesDisaster Recovery Relief Fund03/29/02$1,500,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesOther
Prospect Park Alliance, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$300,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesOther
Wildlife Conservation SocietyDisaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$300,000Bronx, NY, United StatesOther
Bronx Museum of the ArtsDisaster Recovery Relief Fund - 2nd Round03/29/02$50,000Bronx, NY, United StatesOther
Queens Museum of ArtDisaster Recovery Relief Fund - 2nd Round03/29/02$150,000Queens, NY, United StatesOther
Council on the Arts & Humanities for Staten IslandDisaster Recovery Relief Fund03/29/02$20,000Staten Island, NY, United StatesOther
New York Hall of ScienceDisaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$200,000Corona, NY, United StatesOther
Staten Island Botanical Garden, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$100,000Staten Island, NY, United StatesOther
Alley Pond Environmental Center, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund05/10/02$75,000Douglaston, NY, United StatesOther
American Museum of the Moving ImageDisaster Recovery Relief Fund01/25/02$200,000Astoria, NY, United StatesOther
Brooklyn Academy of Music, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund03/29/02$1,000,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesOther
BRIC Arts Media BrooklynDisaster Recovery Relief Fund03/29/02$100,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesOther
Discalced, Inc.Disaster Recovery Relief Fund03/29/02$175,000Brooklyn, NY, United StatesOther
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