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text: Artist Relief, support for artists affected by COVID-19

The new Artist Relief fund—for which The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provided $5 million in seed money—was announced in an op-Ed on ArtNet co-written by Elizabeth Alexander and Sarah Arison. The fund has been covered more than 50 publications, including the Los Angeles TimesThe New York Times’ T MagazineBarron’sNew York Magazine, and The Art NewspaperHyperallergic championed the fund’s interdisciplinary, collaborative nature, saying “the relief fund traverses the sometimes ossified borders erected between the arts.” KQED in San Francisco noted how Artist Relief “adds a robust nationwide fund to the patchwork of region- and discipline-based efforts.” Women’s Wear Daily said that thanks to this fund, “artists are about to get a lifeline.” See below for links to each article.

American Theater: New Coalition Launches $10 Million Fund for Emergency Artist Relief (4.8.20) 

Art and Seek (Dallas): Arts Grantmakers Launch National COVID-19 Relief Fund (4.8.20)

Art Critique: Artist Relief offers $10 million in grants to US artists during the time of COVID-19(4.8.20)

Artforum: COVID-19 Relief Fund To Give $10 Million To Artists (4.8.20)

Artnet News: The Cultural World Is Ailing. That’s Why 23 Arts Groups Have United to Give $5,000 to 100 Artists Every Week Until September (Opinion) (4.8.20) 

ARTnews: ARTnews in Brief: Nonprofit Organizations Band Together to Create Coronavirus Artist Relief Fund—and More from April 7, 2020 (4.8.20)

ArtReview: US arts organisations create $10m artist relief fund (4.8.20)

Artsy: Arts organizations launched a $10-million relief fund for artists affected by COVID-19.(4.8.20)

Backstage: COVID-19 Resources for Actors, Creators + Performing Artists (4.8.20)

Barron's: Grantmakers Collaborate for $10M Artist Relief Fund (4.8.20)

Book Riot: Coalition of National Arts Grantmakers Launches Emergency Artist Relief Fund(4.8.20)

Broadway World: Coalition of Arts Funders Launches Emergency Artist Relief Fund (4.8.20)

Burnaway: Artist Resources During the COVID-19 Outbreak (4.8.20)

Cleveland Plain Dealer: National arts groups establish $10 million fund to provide $5,000 emergency relief grants to artists needing help during pandemic (4.8.20)

CLTure: Artist Relief Fund will award $5,000 grants to artists impacted by COVID-19 nationwide(4.8.20)

Dallas Voice: Coalition launches Artist Relief to give grants to artists impacted by COVID-19(4.8.20)

Double Scoop (Nevada): More financial relief for artists (4.8.20)


Forbes: Artist Relief Will Reward $5,000 Grants To Artists Facing Financial Emergencies Due To Covid-19 (4.8.20)

Glasstire: Arts Funders Band Together, Launch Emergency Nationwide $10 Million Artist Relief Fund (4.8.20)

Hyperallergic: Art Funders Join Forces to Distribute $10 Million to Individual Artists (4.8.20)

IndieWire: The Show Must Go On: Here’s What’s Still Open for Business in Hollywood (4.8.20)

KQED (NPR San Francisco): National Coalition Launches $10 Million Artist Relief Fund (4.8.20)

Lamda Literary: Artist Relief is Offering $5,000 Grants to Artists Facing Dire Financial Emergencies (4.8.20)

Literary Hub: Arts organizations helped raise $10 million for artists and writers impacted by COVID-19. (4.8.20)

Live Design Online: Coalition of Arts Funders Launches Emergency Artist Relief Fund (4.8.20)

Los Angeles Times: $10-million Artist Relief Fund created as a communal effort: ‘We all decided to rally’ (4.8.20) 

Metro Arts Nashville: Recovery Resources for Artists and Arts Organizations (4.8.20)

Miami Herald: Are you an artist who has lost work because of coronavirus? Relief is on the way(4.8.20)

MSN: Are you an artist who has lost work because of coronavirus? Relief is on the way (4.8.20)

Newark Now: Artist Relief fund offers grants to US artists hit by coronavirus (4.8.20)

New York Magazine: These 20 Groups Are Offering Aid to Artists in Need (4.8.20)

The New York Times Style Magazine: Where to Donate to Bolster a Quieted Arts Scene (4.8.20)

Observer: Seven Arts Funders Join Forces to Provide $5,000 Grants to Artists Affected by COVID-19 (4.8.20)

Open Space (SFMOMA): COVID-19 Resources and Assistance (4.8.20)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: $10 million fund to help artists affected by COVID-19 pandemic (4.8.20)

Playbill: Coalition of Arts Funders Launches $10 Million Emergency Artist Relief Fund (4.8.20d 

PRINT Magazine: Artist Relief Offers $10 Million in Grants (4.8.20)

Publishers Weekly: Arts Funders Launch Artist Pandemic Relief Fund (4.8.20)

Quartz: US artists can now get $5,000 emergency grants without a tedious application process(4.8.20)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Massive $10 million+ fund to help artists, actors, writers across US(4.8.20)

SURFACE: Design Dispatch: April 9, 2020 (Newsletter) (4.8.20)

The Art Newspaper: Coalition of US arts organisations launch ongoing relief fund for artists affected by coronavirus (4.8.20) 

The Dallas Morning News: For D-FW artists seeking financial relief, a new national fund offering millions emerges (4.8.20)

The Dance Enthusiast: NEW RELIEF FOR ARTISTS!!! Moira Brennan of the MAP Fund on the Coalition of Arts Funders Launching ARTIST RELIEF an Emergency Relief Fund for Artists Affected by COVID-19 (4.8.20)

Virginian Pilot (Norfolk): National arts organizations setting up emergency relief funds for artists(4.8.20)

WNET (PBS/Thirteen): Artist Relief Fund To Distribute $10 Million In Emergency Aid Directly To Artists (4.8.20)

Women’s Wear Daily: Artists and Fashion Designers Can Apply for $5,000 Grants From Artists Relief Fund (4.8.20)—Picked up in Yahoo! Lifestyle

WWD: Artists and Fashion Designers Can Apply for $5,000 Grants From Artists Relief Fund(4.8.20)

Yahoo!: Artists and Fashion Designers Can Apply for $5,000 Grants From Artists Relief Fund(4.8.20)

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